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30 Gallon Chemical Spill Kit (CSK30)

30 Gallon Chemical Spill Kit (CSK30)

Product Code: CSK30

Our 30-gallon spill kit features the essential products needed to clean up a spill quickly and effectively. Our 30-gallon spill kit comes standard with trusted absorbent solution and an abundance of necessary sorbets such as pads, pillows, and socks, all of which provide the necessary protection to stop a spill from spreading and causing further damage. This spill kit also features X-rated, DOT-approved 30-Gallon plastic bin material construction.This helps to prevent the deterioration of any supplies due to the accidental entry of moisture, oils, greases, or any other foreign substance including dust, dirt, or mud.


  • Chemical Socks stop spreading spills; Pads and Pillows absorb quickly
  • Chemical Absorbents are specially treated for unsurpassed performance with concentrated corrosives, such as 98% sulfuric acid and 30% sodium hydroxide
  • Yellow colour is easy to locate
  • Lightweight, polypropylene drum resists chemicals and keeps contents clean and dry
  • Bold “Spill Kit” lettering for quick identification
  • Nonthreaded lid lifts off for easy access
  • Spill Kit dimensions are approximate

Spill Kit Contents

  • Heavy weight Chemical Absorbent pads
  • Chemical Absorbent Sock
  • Chemical Absorbent Pillow
  • Chemicals splash proof goggle
  • Pair of gloves
  • Pair of boots
  • Disposal bags
  • Scoop & Brush
  • Instruction
  • Label
  • Yellow color spill kit container


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