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DDZ Elevators

DDZ Elevators

DDZ Elevators

DDZ series elevators are center latch elevator with 18 degree taper shoulder, applied in handling the drilling pipe and drilling tools, etc. The load ranges from 100 tons to 750 dons. The size ranges are from 2 to 6 . The products shall be designed and manufactured according to the requirements in API Spec 8A/8C

Model (in)Size (short tons)

Rated Capacity

DDZ□-100 23/8-5 100 MG
DDZ□-150 23/8-51/2 150 RG
DDZ□-250 23/8-51/2 250 MGG  
DDZ□-350 31/2-57/8 350 GG  
DDZ□-350TD 31/2-57/8 350    
DDZ□-500 31/2-65/8 500 HGG  
DDZ□-500TD 31/2-65/8 500    
DDZ□-750 4-65/8 750    


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