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FFZ75-3.5 diverters are designed and manufactured to SY/T 5127-2002 and ASME B16.47a-1998 standards. They feature a 29 1/2 bore size and rated to a 500psi working pressure (Tested to 800psi). The high quality tapered NBR packing element gives a significant storage volume and excellent sealing capability.

Main Technical Specifications

  • Bore size: 749.3mm (29 1/2″)
  • Rated working pressure: 3.5MPa (500psi)
  • Testing pressure: 5.6MPa (800psi)
  • Stroke length of Piston: 344mm (13 9/16″)
  • Hydraulic control pressure: ≤12MPa (recommended≤10.5MPa)
  • Scope of sealing: φ127~φ749.3 (not recommended for sealing open well)
  • Maximal oil volume for closing: 240L
  • Outline Dimension: φ1910×1798mm
  • Net Weight: 25773kg


  • Body and upper housing  claw chuck connection.
  • Compact structure gives high bearing capacity.
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble.
  • Self sealing lip-seal rings reduces abrasion of sealing parts for increased realiability.
  • High quality tapered NBR packing element and sealing parts.
  • Observation hole to check packing element condition.


FFZ75-3.5 Diverter

No. Part No. Part Code No. Qty.
1 Screw M20×55 GB/T5780-2000 12
2 Locking ring H06.03 1
3 O-seal ring H06.04 1
4 Z 1/2″ inner hexagon screw plug 2C01.36 1
5 Shell H06.02 1
6 Wear plate H06.05 1
7 Screw M16×35 GB/T5780-2000 16
8 Upper seal ring of piston H06.07 1
9 Sealing elements H06.06 1
10 Inner seal ring of piston H06.10 2
11 Lower seal ring of piston H06.12 1
12 Piston H06.08 1
13 Screw M20×45 GB/T70.1-2000 20
14 Sleeve H06.09 1
15 O-seal ring H06.11 1
16 Body H06.01 1
17 Cross-over sub H06.13 1
18 Z1″ external hexagon screw plug 2C01.21 1

FFZ75-3.5 Diverter Explosion Drawing


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