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HDP Roller Kelly Bushings

HDP Roller Kelly Bushings

HDP Roller Kelly Bushings

Roller Kelly Bushings can be classed as two types based on different ways of drive, square drive and pin drive. Also they can be classed as three types based on different style, heavy, medium and light-duty. They are used for 17.1/2 to 49.1/2inch rotary tables. They are designed and manufactured according to API Spec 7K.

Model Type Drive way applicable size of kelly(in)
Square Hex
HDS Heavy duty Square drive 21/2-6 3-6
27-HDP Pin drive 21/2-6 3-6
20-HDP 21/2-6 3-6
RTM4 Medium duty Square drive 21/2-51/4 3-41/4
RTS4 Light duty 21/2-41/4 3-41/4


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