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ZQ Model III Drill Pipe Power Tongs

ZQ Model III Drill Pipe Power Tongs

ZQ203-100Ⅲ,ZQ203-125Ⅲ Drill Pipe Power Tongs

ZQ series of drill pipe power tong marked with III are developed types from ZQ203-100 power tong. The power tong can be fixed on the accommodation track for front and back walk. It can pass across the well head and go to the mouse hole for working. Master tong can move upward and downward. Walk and lift of the tong can be remote controlled and automatically handled. Especially suitable for the occasion with small wellbay surface.

Model ZQ203-100
Size range Drill pipe mm 127-203 127-203
in 31/2〞~8〞 31/2〞~8〞
Casing mm    
Tubing mm    
Max.torque kNm 100 125
ft.lbf 73750 92200
Speed(High gear) rpm 40 40
Speed(Low gear) rpm 2.7 2.7
Air pressure MPa 0.5–0.9
psi 72–130
Pressure rating MPa 16.6 20.7
psi 2400 3000
Flow rating L/min 114 114
gpm 30 30
Travel distance mm 0–3000 0–3000
in 0–118 0–118
Lifting distance mm 0–800 0–800
in 0–31.5 0–31.5
Size mm 1760×1830×2050 1760×1830×2050
in 69×71.7×81 69×71.7×81
Weight kg 3250 3700
lb 7165 8100


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