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Dual Locking Packer

Dual Locking Packer

Dual locking packer

  1. Usage
    Dual locking packer is one type of hanging packer which has a large ID, with bypass, and could seal double sides of pressure. By rotation and pull up & down string tools to set and unset, could be used in middle or shallow casing well for DST testing, acidification, cementing and etc.
  2. Structure feature
    Includes of special mechanical locking system and double slips structure, which could seal any pressure from top or bottom of Packer after setting and without increase drill pressure, if pull up of Packer, could not unset either.
  3. Technical specification
    Size 5 1/2’’ 7’’
    Top shoe OD. (mm) Ф114, Ф118 Ф148, Ф152
    Suitable casing size 5 1/2’’ 7’’
    ID. (mm) Ф50 Ф57
    Length (mm) (extension) 1168 1381
    Working circumstances Mud, crude oil, natural gas, water
    Working temperature (℃) -29℃~180℃
    Thread connecion 2 3/8 EUE B×P 2 7/8 EUE B×P


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