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RTTS Packer

RTTS Packer

RTTS Packer


RTTS Packer is extensively used to well testing, HP acidification, cementing, other oil formation improvement and so on.

Structure feature

RTTS Packer has advantage of HT/HP resistance, sealing well, compacted in design, reliable setting, small unset power and etc. Accomplish many function operations on one single trip, and high success rate of performance in oil sites.

Technical specification


OD (mm)

ID (mm)

Drag block OD (mm)

Total length(mm)

Thread connection

4 1/2〞





2 3/8EUE. B×P






3 3/32-10UN. B×2 7/8EUE. P

5 1/2〞





3 1/2-8UN. B×2 7/8EUE. P






4 5/32-8UN. B×2 7/8EUE. P

7 5/8〞





4 5/32-8UN. B×2 7/8EUE. P

7 7/8〞





4 5/32-8UN. B×2 7/8EUE. P

8 5/8〞





4 1/2IF. B×P

9 5/8〞





4 1/2IF. B×P

10 3/4〞





4 1/2IF. B×P



I. Overview

RTTS Packer is a large-diameter mounted type packer that can seal bi-directional pressure, which was designed for formation testing, acidizing fracturing, plug cementing and other down-hole operations. The large diameter can pump over large volumes of fluid under small pressure drop and make it pass the through-tubing perforating gun. RTTS packer can thus be used for multiple operations during one trip in the hole. Generally, RTTS Packer is used with RTTS Circulating Valve. It may also include a safety joint.

II. Technical parameter

Size OD mm ID mm Total Length mm Thread Connection
5″ Ф90.5 Ф46 904.5 2 3/8EUE.B×3 3/32-10UN.P
5 1/2″ Ф106 Ф51 902.5 2 3/8EUE.B×3 1/2-8UN.P
7″ Ф123.5 Ф60 927 2 7/8EUE.B×4 5/32-8UN.P
9 5/8″ Ф155.5 Ф76.2 1088.7 4 1/2IF.B×4 1/2IF.P

III. Structure features

Each specification of this packer includes a J-slot mechanism, mechanical slip, packing element and hydraulic anchor mechanism. The hydraulic anchor mechanism can help prevent the packer from being pumped up the hole when too much pressure in the bottom of the packer. In addition, all packers are assembled with friction blocks and automatic J-slot sleeves.

IV. Operating procedures of RTTS Packer and RTTS Circulating Valve System


  1. Suspend the packer, move the friction block sleeves up and down several times and survey the mobility of the mechanical slips before going in the hole.
  2. When ready to go in the hole, lock the circulating valve in the open position; the J slot also being positioned in the locking position, that is, the lugs on the hook point of the J slot, the slips being retracted.
  3. In the process of going down the hole, the slip mechanism slides upward, setting the mechanical slips and closing the circulating valve. To prevent this situation of occasional valve-closing, lower the tubing string and rotate it to the right, picking it up to the open position, then rotate it to the left in the open locking position, being careful not unscrewing the tubing string.
  4. When the tool gets to the testing position ready for operation, lower it slightly below the setting position, then pick it up to the setting position.
  5. Rotate the tubing string to the right several circles, in the down-hole, just rotating the tool 1/2 circle, that is, the circulating valve 1/4 circle, 127, 140, 177.8 and 244.5 packers 1/4 circle (the transportation angle 45o except for the 244.5 one, 30o). Generally, rotate the tubing string 3 to 4 circles /100m. Still more circles in deep wells and inclined wells are beneficial.
  6. Keep the right-hand torque on the tubing string, and set down weight onto the mechanical slips.
  7. Stop lowering the tubing string, rotate it to the left and remove the right-hand torque on it. Generally 1/2 circle every 300m is enough, which should not be more than the right-rotating circles when setting.
  8. When exerting the right-hand torque, lower the tubing string on the packer, thus the tool being in working condition for a desired setting force exerted on it.
  9. To open the circulating valve and withhold the liquid, rotate the tubing string to the right, and then pick it up; exerting pressure on the tubing and continuing picking it up until producing a circulation. Now hold in the position and inject the fluid, then release the tubing string until the fluid pressure ends, thus making the tool to beginning withstanding a weight. Rotate to the left and remove the torque, then continue lowering the weight until the packer sets again by desired force exerted on it.
  10. When finishing the testing and unsetting the packer, firstly balance the pressure on the packer, then pick up the tubing string without rotating it, thus keep the circulating valve in a closed situation, and establish a reverse circulation around the packer.
  11. Lower the tubing, rotate the tubing string and then pick it up, thus open the circulating valve, the tool then can be pulled out of the hole.


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