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DWJ-178/250 Power Slips

DWJ-178/250 Power Slips

DWJ-178/250 power slip is a kind of remoter control hydraulic tools. It is used to clamp and suspend drill strings in well during trip operation. Different size of slip body is to fit with different size of drill string. Its application range: 60mm-178mm。

Model DWJ-178/250
Applicable range mm 60-178
in 23/8″-7″
Load rating KN 2500
Us ton 275.6
Maximum working pressure Mpa 16
psi 2320
Working flow L/min 3.6-35
gpm 0.95-9.2
Overall dimensions mm 980×889×305
in 38.6×35×12
Weight kg 520
lb 1146


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