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Stabbing Guide

Stabbing Guide

stabbing guide

Stabbing guide model SG is easy to operate and can protect the screw thread of pipes effectively.

Model Applicable diameter of tubulars(in)
SG 23/8T 23/8Tubing
SG 27/8T 27/8 Tubing
SG 31/2T 31/2 Tubing
SG 4 T 4 Tubing
SG 41/2T 41/2 Tubing
SG 41/


SG 5 C 5 Casing
SG 51/2C 51/2 Casing
SG 6C 6 Casing
SG 65/8C 65/8 Casing
SG 7C 7 Casing
SG 75/8C 75/8 Casing
SG 85/8C 85/8 Casing
SG 95/8C 95/8 Casing
SG 103/4C 103/4 Casing
SG 113/4C 113/4 Casing
SG 133/8C 133/8 Casing
SG 135/8C 135/8 Casing
SG 14C 14 Casing
SG 16C 16 Casing
SG 185/8C 185/8 Casing
SG 20C 20 Casing


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