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Rotary Sub And Others

Rotary Sub And Others

Rotary Sub And Others

Rotary Subs are made from 4145 H modified quenched and tempered material to API specifications, and carry the API monogram. They can be used to crossover from connection size to another or as the disposable component used to extend the connection life of a more expensive drill stem member.

Lift Sub

A Lift Sub enables the safe, efficient handling of straight OD tubulars such as drill collars, shock tools, jars, directional equipment and other tools by using the drill pipe elevators.

Lift Plug

The Lift Plug is a small easy-to-handle sub that makes up in the top of the drill collar. It has a lifting flange that serves as a safety stop when drill collars without elevator recesses are being tripped out of the hole. The center section of the Lift Plug is bored out to reduce weight for easy handling.

Saver Sub

Saver Sub is used to extend the life of the Kelly by taking the connection wear each time it is make-up to a drill stem component. The saver sub connection is sacrificed because it can be easily repaired or inexpensively replaced. The saver sub can be equipped with a rubber protector to reduce BOP equipment and casing wear resulting from contact damage with a lower Kelly connection.

Straight OD Sub

Straight OD Sub is used to connect drill stem members that have a similar outside diameter. The drill bit, downhole tools, heavy weight drill pipe and drill pipe can be crossed over using a straight OD sub.

Reduced Section Sub

Reduced Section Sub is used to connect drill stem members that have different diameters that warrant the cross-sectional change necessary to accommodate different connections. This sub would be used to crossover large OD drilling tools or a tapered drill collar string.


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