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Impression Blocks

Impression Blocks

Impression Blocks

Impression Block is an effective tool used to determine dimensions, configuration, condition, and location of the top end of a fish in the hole.


TIANHE Impression Blocks are manufactured with a high strength alloy steel body and a soft lead insert at the lower end. All impression blocks are provided with a watercourse for flushing the top of the fish before lowering the tool against it. Impression blocks without a watercourse can be furnished upon request.


Make up the impression block to the bottom of the fishing string and run into the hole. Do not rotate. Slowly lower the impression block to the point of contact with the fish. Apply weight to the impression block and lift it from the hole.

When ordering, please specify:

  • Complete assembly or part number
  • Top connection
  • Lead O.D.

Specifications – Impression Blocks


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