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Offshore Handling Systems Drill Pipe Handling Tool

Offshore Handling Systems Drill Pipe Handling Tool

Product Name Product Code Hand Grip Style Lengths
Drill Pipe Handling Tool DPHT18003 Enclosed 1200mm
DPHT18004 Enclosed 1500mm
DPHT19004 Open 1500mm
DPHT1800 Enclosed 1800mm


  • A double U shaped attachment, one forward facing and one rear facing used to facilitate the stabilisation of a suspended drill pipe up to 5⅞ inches.
  • For use in movement of drill pipe in a vertical or horizontal position, allowing easy exchange from a push / pull function, giving the user maximum control over the load.
  • Tag line retrieval capability
  • Available in two different lengths; 1200mm, 1500mm.
  • Attachments in hi-visibility colour
  • Heavy duty aluminium staff
  • Available with enclosed hand grip or non-slip rubber hand grip models
  • Fitted with fully replaceable non-slip, low compression rubber grommets



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