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Inside BOP

Inside BOP

Inside BOP

Inside blowout preventer (Inside BOP) is a special tool, which can be striped through the BOP preempt to be connected with the added drilling tools as soon as possible, when the blowout is happened during lifting the drilling tools, the inside blowout preventer has many advantages such as high-pressure, sealed reliable, easy to operate, switch quickly and so on.

During the drill tool is coming out of hole, the blowout is happened because of suction result,  When the fluid, oil, steam or water comes out from discharged drill pipe, the inside blowout preventer should be quickly connected to the drill pipe, The inside blowout preventer can be easily connected to the drill pipe due to the fact that the valve of blowout preventer is at open position and the fluid in down hole can flow out of inside blowout preventer is at open position and the fluid in down hole can flow out of inside blowout preventer, The relief rod can close the valve by screwing out the locking bolt, right now, the inside blowout preventer allows the fluid to be pumped in hole from top to bottom, but the in hole fluid is not able to flow into drill string and finally flow out of inside blowout preventer Then the purpose of blowout prevention van be reached by the following steps, Discharge the relief sub regulate the fluid and start the pump circulation.

When ordering please specify the connection of drillstring.

Specifications – Inside BOP

Inside Blowout Preventer

Thread connection




2 3/8IF

3 3/8~3 3/4

1 1/2


2 7/8IF

4 1/8~4 1/4

1 3/4


3 1/2IF

4 3/4~5 1/4




6 1/4~6 3/4

2 1/2


4 1/2IF

6 3/8~7

2 13/16


5 1/2FH

7~7 1/2

2 13/16


6 5/8REG


2 13/16


7 5/8REG

9 1/2

2 13/16



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