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Full Bore Compensating Pipe

Full Bore Compensating Pipe

Full-bore Compensating Pipe

  1. Usage

    Full bore compensating pipe is crucial accessory of downhole string tools. It is as compensating system which for string tools length changes cause of internal & external pressure or temperature changes, could prevent danger from axial power changed a lot.
    Connect with mechanical or hydraulic packer, which could be used for fracturing, acidification or other increasing production operation. Meantime, for water injection, gas injection as well.

  2. Structure feature

    Full bore compensating pipe is always connected on top of packer. Down-hole production (operation) string tools pull back cause of temperature or pressure changed a lot, string tail anchor by packer or hydraulic anchor, string tools pull back power on compensating pipe. When the power is higher than cutting power to cut shear pin, expanding mandrel moves longer with seal sleeve which could compensate of string tools, then to achieve compensating function.

  3. Technical specification

    OD. (mm) ID. (mm) Movement Length (mm) Thread connection Working pressure (MPa) Working temperature (℃)
    Ф93.2 Ф50.8 356 2 7/8’’EUE 70 0~180℃
    Ф108 Ф60 1524~3048 3 1/2’’EUE
    Ф133 Ф76


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