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Series 70 Short Catch Overshot

Series 70 Short Catch Overshot

 Series 70 Short Catch Overshot

The TIANHE Series 70 Short Catch Overshot is an external fishing tool designed to retrieve tubular fish when the top of the fish is too short to be engaged with other overshot. The Grapple Control is positioned above the Basket Grapple rather than below it to allow the Basket Grapple to occupy the lowest position in the Bowl. This enables the overshot to firmly engage and retrieve a very short fish.


The TIANHE Series 70 Short Catch Overshot assembly consists of a Top Sub, Bowl, Basket Grapple Control, and a Basket Grapple. Although the Series 70 Overshot has no Guide, the components function in the same manner as the standard Series 150 Releasing and Circulating Overshot.

Catching the Fish

Attach the Overshot to the bottom end of the fishing string and run it into the hole. Series 70 Overshot assembly is rotated to the right and lowered as the fish enters the expandable grapple. With the fish in the Grapple, stop right-hand rotation and exert an upward pull to fully capture the fish.

Releasing the Fish

A sharp downward force (bump) is applied to the Overshot to break the hold of the grapple within the bowl. The Overshot is then rotated to the right while it is slowly elevated to release the Grapple from the fish.

When order please specify:

  • The model of the overshot.
  • The hole, Casing size or O.D. of overshot
  • Top connection
  • O.D of the fish

Note:We can design overshot according to customers’ request

Specifications – Series 70 Short Catch Overshot


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