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Wolflite Rechargable Led Handlamp (XT-75H)

Wolflite Rechargable Led Handlamp (XT-75H)



XT-50, XT-70, XT-70MOD, XT-90, XT-75
ZONES: 0, 1, 2, 20, 21 AND 22

The XT Rechargeable LED Handlamp is available in a number of different models to optimise performance in specific applications.  Bespoke optics and the highest performing ‘fitted for life’ LED light sources deliver outstanding light output from the high intensity spot beam; ideal for tasks requiring a higher light intensity. A wide-angle flood option is also available, for tasks with less extensive light requirement. Additional coloured LED signals can also be added. All products of the XT range have easy, single-handed switching even with gloved hands allowing for straightforward function selection.

Battery duration varies by model, from 4 hours of high output light (XT-50) to 11 hours (XT-90); selecting powersave doubles this duration. State of battery charge is indicated with a bar of high intensity red LEDs, which go out as battery charge diminishes and the beam flashes off repeatedly when recharging is required. Use of the latest lithium-ion battery technology improves reliability and eliminates ‘memory’ affect and the ‘quick’ charger base fully recharges the Handlamp in a minimum of 2 hours, dependent on model, and is configured as a holder with ‘snap-in/snatch-out’ function, for quick release but secure retention. Emergency illumination function illuminates Handlamp if power to the charger fails.

The compact and lightweight high strength body has proven impact resistance even at sub zero temperatures; enhanced by rubber armoured lens ring, and handle/sides give improved grip and shock protection. The lens is resistant to scratches and chemical attack; the enclosure is electrostatic nonhazardous and certified to IP67.

IMPA Codes
33 06 12 – XT-50 Standard
33 06 13 – XT-70 Performance
33 06 14 – XT-200H

NSN Codes

6230-99-4473141  –  XT-70MOD





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