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VEGA-K 360° LED Safety Light 360° LED Light mounting on Hard Hat

VEGA-K  360° LED Safety Light 360° LED Light mounting on Hard Hat



K360 Safety Light (LED) attaching to the Safety Helmet
Electric Cable do not demand at night work if equipped with Safety Light to the Helmet
Portable Battery using by connecting to Safety Light in comfortable method
Safety Light required in all Industrial site and Emergency situation happened
Unique Design for all Direction LIGHT, not just for the front only

Key Features

• Essential Lighting products in the work place which electricity is not existing
• Brightness can be adjusted depending on the ambient environment and purpose
• Ensuring safety for the works by the flashing and lighting function
• Multi function for the light depending on purpose(Flashing, Brightness control, Direction etc)
·• Laser Pointer can be used in case of requirement

Application recommended
• Industry purpose: using in work site(Chemical, Oil & Refinery and Power plant etc)

Function Introduction

[Easy Operation Switch]
• 5 level brightness
• 3stage lighting mode
• Front and omnidirectional mode Red flashing(option)
[Spring for hard hat mounting & battery]
• Can be mounted on all standard hard hat
• 18650 Battery
• Self-Charging and external battery pack avaliable
[Zoom Lens Control Part]
• Zoom in,out Function
• Zoom Lens up and down Function
• Zoom out effective distance-30m
[360° Omnidirectional LED Light]
• When worn by one person, nearby workers can work simultaneously

Maximum consumption current Standard / Laser poiter mounted Battery Size 18.6(Ø)×69.6(H)
Maximum Brightness 470 lm Battery weight 48.5±3g
Usage time Maximum Brightness : 1hr 20min / Minimum Brightness : 100hrs IP Grade IP 65
Size 262.5(W)×357.4(L)×51.0(H)mm Certification KC / CE
Weight 355±5g(Battery included) Components Main body, Fixing springs, Battery Cable, Battery charging holder
Battery capacity 18650 Li-ion 3350mAh(3.63V)



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