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Top Drive Drilling Equipment (DQ40BCQ)

Top Drive Drilling Equipment (DQ40BCQ)

top drive drilling equipment

DQ40BCQ Specifications

Drive Mode AC VFD
Nominal Drilling Depth 4,000m
(114mm drill pipe)
13,123 ft
(4 1/2 drill pipe)
(API8A/8C PSL 1)
Rated Load Capacities
2,250kN 250ton(US)
Power Supply 600VAC/50Hz(60Hz)
Main Motor Rated Power
295kW x 2 400HP x 2
Rotary Speed 0-180/200r/min
Drilling Torque
30kN . m 22,000lbf . ft
Maximum Torque of Break-Out 45kN . m 33,300lbf . ft
Backup Tong Range 87-220 mm 2 7/8-6 5/8 in
(drill pipe)
Hydraulic System Working Pressure 16 MPa 2,280 psi
Mud Criculating Diameter 75 mm 3 in
Rated Criculating Pressure 35 Mpa 5,000 psi
Main Body Working Height 5.3 m 17.4 ft
Main Body Width 1,196 mm 3.92 ft
Distance of Guide Rail to the Center of Well Vertical: 525 mm 1.72 ft
Horizontal: 346mm 1.14 ft


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