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SALISBURY Leather Protector Glove (ILPG3S)

SALISBURY Leather Protector Glove (ILPG3S)


ILPG Series is manufactured from top grain cowhide, or goatskin, these protectors provide excellent protection for rubber insulating gloves at a very economical price. Cowhide cuffs are tough leather on palm side and orange vinyl on the back, while the goatskin cuffs are green leather on palm side and orange vinyl on back. Full complement of styles from low-volt through 16” contour cuff.

These goatskin-leather protectors are worn over Class 4 electrical-insulating rubber gloves. Goatskin leather is soft, supple, and has excellent dexterity. It has better abrasion-, tear-, and water-resistance than other leathers. Protectors for Voltage Class 4 gloves must be no less than 4″ shorter than the cuff on the insulating glove.

Technical Specs

  • Standards: NFPA 70E, ASTM F696
  • Series : ILPG3S
  • Brand : Salisbury 
  • Glove Hand Style : Left and Right
  • For Voltage Class : Class 4
  • Thumb Style : Straight
  • Leather Glove Style : Work
  • Cuff Style : Gauntlet
  • Cuff Material : Goatskin
  • Cuff Length : 4 in
  • Glove Length : 12 in
  • Glove Materials : Goatskin
  • Glove Size: 9/10
  • Leather Palm Process : Grain
  • Leather Protector Color : Orange/White


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