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SALISBURY ElectriFlex Class 2 Lineman Gloves (NG214B)

SALISBURY ElectriFlex Class 2 Lineman Gloves (NG214B)


Salisbury production facilities manufacture rubber insulating gloves that comply with the highest possible standards and regulations. Salisbury rubber insulating gloves have earned the reputation for superior performance – meeting and exceeding the requirements for current ASTM D120 specifications. Our gloves are tested following ASTM D120/IEC903 specifications. Voltage Gloves Manufactured with Pride in America. SALISBURY is the global leader in the manufacture of electrical insulating rubber gloves. SALISBURY ElectriFlex Class 2 Lineman Gloves (NG214B)

Electriflex™ Gloves are 30% more flexible* than any other glove we’ve ever made and are expertly designed to give linemen the ultimate in comfort and control. Electriflex™ minimizes hand fatigue and maximizes performance – all while giving the protection you need.

  • Proof Test Voltage AC/DC: 20,000/50,000
  • Max Use Voltage AC/DC (when worn with leather protectors): 17,000/25,500
  • 14″ Inch – Overall Length – Rubber Gloves
  • Type 1 Rubber Black with Yellow interior
  • Cuff Straight
  • Meets or exceed ASTM D120 and IEC EN60903 standards
  • Our Salisbury exclusive Type II Salcor® glove in Class 00 & 0.
  • Available in sizes 8, 8-1/2, 9, 9-1/2, 10, 10-1/2, 11, and 12
  • Type 2 gloves are extremely flexible to make working with small parts easy.
  • Gloves are available in three styles:
    • Straight Cuff
    • Contour Cuff
    • Bell Cuff

Selecting the right size:

  • Measure the circumference around your palm
  • Allow for additional room if fabric glove liners are to be worn, especially with thermal liners.
  • Proper fit is important, most sizes available in 1/2″ increments, see above.
  • It is the responsibility of purchaser to specify the overall length of glove
  • See manufacture clearance tables for minimum distance with protector gloves and cuffs.


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