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Retrievable Bridge Plug

Retrievable Bridge Plug

  1. Usage

    Retrievable bridge plug is one type of seal and block tool in oilfield. It is mainly composed by setting system, anchor system, sealing system and so on. Apply special self-locking system, reliable double side pressure bearing function, no need to cement coating on surface, could achieve of reliable sealing. Retrievable bridge plug could set by cable setting tool or hydraulic setting tool, could unset for retrievable of repeat use. It could be used for temporary blocking, permanently blocking, cementing and so on, also could work with other string tools for selective blocking or snubbing operation etc. Retrievable bridge plug is one type of downhole blocking tool which is safety and reliable, cost low, function variety and wide application range.

  2. Structure feature

    Setting: setting by cable. Connect Retrievable bridge plug with setting tool and run to determined position. Fire powder stick in setting tool to produce HTHP air, which could force floating piston of setting tool and get relative movement with mandrel, push bridge plug slip to casing surface and compress bridge plug rubber element to seal casing annulus. Meanwhile, bridge plug internal structure is self-locking, abruption of tensile bar (ring) to pull out of setting tool, and bridge plug block determined position strictly in well.
    Unsetting: Run professional unsetting tool through tubing and drill pipe, catch bridge plug unsetting sleeve and pull up of string tool, open bridge plug self-locking system, rubber element return back and slip back to case, bridge plug unset and assly pulled out to surface with tubing.

  3. Technical specification

    Retrievable bridge plug 5 1/2’’ A type

    Retrievable Bridge Plug

    Bridge plug OD (mm) Length (mm) Unsetting pulling (T) Working temperature (℃) Working pressure (MPa)
    Ф114 608 3~5 <70 <70

    Retrievable bridge plug 5 1/2’’ B type


    Bridge plug OD (mm) Length (mm) Unsetting pulling (T) Working temperature (℃) Working pressure (MPa)
    Ф114 666 3~5 <70 <70
Bridge plug setting tool

Technical specification

OD (mm) ID (mm) Length (mm)
Ф114 Ф18 974



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