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Ditch Magnet

Ditch Magnet

Ditch Magnet


The ditch magnet is made of a highly performance magnet. It features simplicity,strong magnet field, ruggedness and high power to weight ratio.


No special instructions are required to operate the ditch magnet. It is most effective when suspended by soft line in the mud ditch. It may also be suspended by soft line in the shaker discharge. When the cuttings or debris are enough and need to he removed,take off the magnet and open the inserting plate from the end with pull rod,pull out the magnet pole body,the cuttings and debris will drop down. The magnet body shall be cleaned with fresh water and assemble again for use.


The unit should be cleaned several times per day depending on millings rate. Just remove the Magnet and clean with fresh or salt water hose. Wipe all cuttings from the unit and return it to duty.The unit may be cleaned less often during other operations when return cuttings come slower.

Specifications – Ditch Magnet


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