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CORKEN Reciprocating Gas Compressor Vertical (F291)

CORKEN Reciprocating Gas Compressor Vertical (F291)

A reciprocating air compressor uses piston-driven crankshafts to pressurize air and other gases, increasing their density while decreasing their volume. Air compression makes materials like natural gas easier to store, transport and use effectively. Reciprocating compressors store the pistons inside cylinders.


Corken gas compressors are designed for use in liquid transfer, vapor recovery, scavenger, and portable applications. Whether it is gas recovery from cylinders or barge unloading.

Single-acting designs with a wide range of capacities

Single-acting vertical compressors only have one compression stroke per revolution so the compression takes place on one side (top) of the piston. Single acting compressors come in a variety of models. Cylinder sizes range from 3.0″ to 4.5″ (76.2 to 114.3 mm) while piston displacement ranges from 4.1 to 60.8 cfm (7.0–103.3 m3/hr).


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