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20 Gallon Chemical Spill Kit (CSK20)



Product Code: CSK20

Spills can happen at any time when liquids are present. Have spill kits on hand so you’re prepared for a spill. Spill kits contain a collection of helpful items to help clean up a hazardous spill quickly and efficiently.

Our medium-sized, 20-gallon spill kit is designed specifically for cleaning up moderate-sized spills. While the kit may seem small in size, it contains the most essential items to stop a spill right in its tracks and to help avoid any slip or fall accidents.

The 20-gallon spill kit comes equipped with enough sorbents to soak up or dam up any hazardous spills before they can spread and create further hazards. The 20-gallon kit features the same well-known, X-rated, 20-gallon plastic bin materials that were used in its construction. This in turn helps to protect the pieces in the kit from any deterioration due to moisture, oils, greases, or any other foreign substances such as dust, dirt, or mud.

Spill kits are easy to store, totally customizable, and feature safe and effective products. If you are looking for other sizes of spill kits with differing materials, look no further. We can create customized spill kits based on your exact specifications. With a customized kit, you choose the container, the contents, and any other accessories you may need.


  • Our great value spill kits are supplied with high quality absorbents and accessories, including disposal bags.
  • Absorbents are stored & protected in durable high-visibility containers that are resistant to most chemicals
  • Bin-style containers provide long-term value and can be re-stocked with individual items or our refill kits
  • Can be placed with other first aid and fire response equipment to create a comprehensive ’emergency station’
  • Made in USA
  • 3 different absorbent types available see below options
  • Chemical absorbents are yellow in colour and designed to be used with aggressive fluids, acids and caustics.

Spill Kit Contents

  • Heavy weight pads
  • Sock
  • Pillow
  • Chemicals splash proof goggle
  • Pair of gloves
  • Disposal bags
  • Scoop & Brush
  • Instruction
  • Label
  • Yellow color spill kit container


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