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Wireline Pressure Control Equipment

Wireline Pressure Control Equipment

Wireline pressure control equipment


  1. Brief introduction
    Wire line Pressure Control Equipment is used to flowing oil well, gas well, water injection well and coal seams well for cable logging with pressure or paraffin removal operation, could supply pressure buffer and transition zone for string tools. In operation, the wellhead can be sealed when cable is static and dynamic state with pressure, or closed in the course of overflow and other unforeseen circumstances beyond controlling, to prevent blowout accidents. Operation conveniently and safety reliable.
    The PCE is mainly consists of cable hydraulic seal head, tool catcher, lubricators, Tool Trap (includes of release assly with pressure), Blow Out Preventer, Top& Bottom Sheave, Pressure testing& releasing Assembly, Wellhead crossover flange (crossover sub), Lifting tool, Grease and Hydraulic Control Module,Transport and Storage Frame Skid, Pressure test plugs etc.

  2. Structure feature

    • Sealing head apply manual pump to remote hydraulic compress seal stuffing, meanwhile, inject HP & high viscosity grease into space between chock tube and cable by Lincoln pump. Seal stuffing and sealing grease could seal cable by double intentions, which could guarantee operation safety and reliable.
    • Includes of tool catcher and tool trap as double safety structure, in order to avoid string tool drop in well by accidently when run into lubricator.
    • Pressure testing& releasing sub is used for monitoring wellhead pressure, releasing lubricator Residual pressure and pressure self-checking.
    • Lubricator supply pressure buffer and transitional space for string tool, connect by fast union for combination.
    • BOP is necessary wellhead pressure control tool which could prevent blow out accident.
    • Includes of anti-freeze, unfreeze and pressure self-checking system.
    • Equipped with fast pressure testing assly, which could improve PCE seal safety as fixing equipment or assembly & disassembly of lubricators. It help to avoid of second pressure self-checking for whole PCE.
    • Top& Bottom Sheave is made by Aluminum alloy, and has the advantage of preventing cable moved from slot.
  3. Technical specification

    Size Lubricator ID (mm) Working pressure (MPa) Seal cable diameter (mm) Service circumstance Temperature grade Thread connection
    DFP6-35/70/105 Ф62 35/70/105 Ф5.6, Ф8, Ф11.8, Ф12.7 Crude oil, water, natural gas (standard, H2S, CO2) T-20 (-29℃~+121℃) Fast Union
    DFP7-35/70/105 Ф76 35/70/105
    Could design according to special requirements from client


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