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Shell Morlina S2 B 320 (209L)

Shell Morlina S2 B 320

Performance, Features & Benefits

Long oil life – Maintenance saving
Shell Morlina S2 B oils are formulated with a well proven rust
and oxidation inhibitor additive package that helps provide
consistent performance and protection throughout the
maintenance interval.
Reliable wear & corrosion protection ·
Shell Morlina S2 B oils help prolong the life of bearings and
circulating systems through:
– Excellent water separation characteristics that helps ensure
that critical oil films are retained between highly loaded parts.
– Good air release characteristics to minimize cavitation and
associated damage to circulating pumps.
– Helps protect against corrosion, oxidation, and emulsion
formation, even in the presence of water.
Maintaining system efficiency
Shell Morlina S2 B oils are blended with high quality, solvent
refined base oils that promote good water separation and air
release to ensure the efficient lubrication of the machines and

Oil lubricated bearings
Suitable for most plain and rolling element bearings and
general industrial applications.
Roll-neck bearings ·
Enclosed industrial gear systems ·
Low or moderately loaded enclosed gears where EP
performance is not required


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