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Multiphase Flow Meter GLCC (MFM GLCC)

Multiphase Flow Meter GLCC (MFM GLCC)


Multiphase Metering by Passive Controlled Cyclonic Separator


Multiphase Metering by Passive Controlled Cyclonic Separation System

Technology Overview

Multiphase Flow Meter GLCC is composed of gas/liquid cylindrical cyclone separator, an innovative passive level controller and conventional metering instruments.

The 3-phase fluid enters the main vertical separator body through a narrow tangential inlet. This forces the liquid and gas to separate due to centrifugal and gravitational forces. Passive level control is achieved by means of an innovative design comprising a float and a pair of double throttle valves. The liquid stream is measured with a coriolis mass flowmeter and the gas stream is measured with a vortex flowmeter. The separated phases are recombined to outlet.

For normal oil, watercut can be calculated from mass flowmeter given oil and water density. For heavy oil and high water content, watercut can be measured with a watercut meter.

Application Areas

• Well testing
• Production Allocation
• Mobile well testing
• Heavy oil or light (gas condensates)
• Full water composition and GVF range


• Liquid flow range: 0-5,000 m3/d
• Gas flow range: 0-300,000 sm3/d
• Pressure range: 0-4MPa
• Liquid measurement accuracy: ±3%
• Gas measurement: ±5%
•Water cut over full measurement accuracy: ±3%

Electro – Mechanical System

• Cyclonic separator with passive level controller
• Coriolis (liquid mass flow rate and density)
• Vortex meter (gas mass flow rate)
• Pressure and temperature gauge
• Integrated flow computer and software for well test reporting
• Non-nuclear

• Small footprint and light weight.
•Typical dimensions (4” system): 2m(L)X1.5m(W)X3.2m(H)
• Typical weight (4” system): 1200kg


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