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Feeder Cable Clamp


Feeder Cable Clamp

Cable Fixing Clip, Feeder Clamp

Feeder clamp is widely used in site installation to fix coaxial feeder cables to base towers, these clamps provide an efficient way of managing & securing the feeder installation system. The Clamps are manufactured out of UV resistant material. The design offers least stress and maximum grip to manage the cable system. They are strictly made out of non-rusting product to sustain all weather conditions. The material of these products is high standard stainless steel and high quality PP/ABS.

  1. Single multi blocks are manufactured of polypropylene providing thermal, chemical and UV resistance in all enviroments.
  2. They come including angle member adapter and necessary hardwares.
  3. The angle member adapter fastens the clamp to the tower without drilling.
  4. The angle member adapter includes a tower member set screw.
  5. The hanger mounting rod may be located in either of two mounting holes, depending on orientation the fixing member.
  6. Compliant to RoHS (EU 2002/95/EC) and CRoHS (China SJ/T 11363-2006) i.e. usable on a global basis.
Capability Index:
  1. High temperature: +75℃;
  2. Low temperature: -40℃;
  3. Salt spray test: 48h,No Rustiness.


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