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Dope Brush No.1
Dope Brush No.1


The Industrial HD Dope brushes are specially engineered to allow uniform application of bulk compounds. Industrial HD dope brushes are designed to withstand rough conditions, which makes it suitable for harsh environments. Available in two styles, tapered and beveled.

  • 2-1/2″  Bristles designed for uniform application of compound
  • LG 16″ w/ Guard ( LG Handle indicates a 1-1/16″ Diameter )
  • Angled handle for ease of application of both box and pin
  • Strong thick handle that allows easy application of bulk products.
  • Non-abrasive Tampico Firm Fiber head
  • Angled handle for ease of application of both box and pin
  • Recommended for use on 8rd, BTC, line pipe and specialized tubing and casing threads

DOPE BRUSHES are engineered to hold up to the rough conditions where they are used and the materials that are being applied. Solid wood handles with rubber drip collars make for safe handling.


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