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DI Square and Rectangular Manhole Cover

DI Square and Rectangular Manhole Cover


Square & Rectangular Covers Civil Infrastructure
DI Square and Rectangular Manhole Cover abu dhabi rigstore.ae

Manhole covers & Frame can be divided into the following classes:

  • A15(Capable of withstanding a 1.5-ton test load):- Pedestrians and Pedal Cyclist.
  • B125 (Capable of withstanding a 12.5-ton test load):- Car parks and pedestrian areas manhole covers where only occasional vehicular access is likely.
  • C250 (Capable of withstanding a 25-ton test load):- Car parks, forecourts, areas with slow-moving traffic.
  • D400 (Capable of withstanding a 40-ton test load):- Car and Lorries have access, including carriageways, hard shoulders and pedestrian areas.
  • E600 (Capable of withstanding a 60-ton test load):- Loading areas, Docks, etc.
  • F900 (Capable of withstanding a 90-ton test load):- Aircraft pavements.

DI Square and Rectangular Manhole Cover SUPPLIERS IN UAE ABU DHABI RIGSTORE.AE


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