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Heart Guardian HR-501 AED Machine – Radian Qbio

Heart Guardian HR-501 AED Machine – Radian Qbio



HR-501, a portable AED Machine (Automatic External Defibrillator) operated by battery power, is an easy-to-use. The Radian qbio HR-501 Automated External Defibrillator  automatically analysis patient’s ECG and identifies and advise electric shock if it is necessary.

Nearlyevery procedure for AED operation is guided through voice message and beepsound, as well as the visual guidance with picture description with LED. HeartGuardian, Radian HR-501 is manufactured based on CPR guideline of AHA


Main Features


– 8 Years Warranty on the Main Machine against manufacturibg defects

– fast and smart Audio & LED Guidance

– 1 Pad Set Used for All Ages which reduce the cost of the replacemnt supplies

– fast and easy age mode switch

– very long life battery

– very smart Memorizing & Transferring by bluetooth technology

– Automatic Self Testing to ensure the best result

– Small and compact Design

– CE Certificate




– Model: HR-501

– ECG Analysis: 8.5 Sec.

– Hi-Cap Charging: 8 Sec.

– Output: 50J~150J offered

– Data Storage: 100 th (ECG storage)

– Data Transfer Protocol: Bluetooth 2.0

– Control Button: Power, Shock, Adults/kids

– Battery Type: Li-Mn (12V DC 4.2A)

– Shock Frequency: 200, at least

– Pad Type: Electrode Pad, disposable and adhesive

– Dimension: 230(W) x 320(L) x 85(H)mm

– Weight: 1.9kg

– HS code: 9018.90

– Gross weight: 3.8kg

– Carton size: 34 X 35 X 18 (cm) / 3.8kg

– Certificate: CE / ISO 13485


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